Pay Rent

Pay My Rent via PayNearMe (Cash Payment)

Step 1: Prepare the printed or on-screen mobile PayCodes to make your payments.

You can find the link from the email or text you received from PayNearMe or you can log in to the Tenant Portal and use the Get PayCode button in your account.


You can save or print out a payslip that can be reused every time you make your payment at any participating store.


You should have something like this:


Step 2: Go to any participating store and present the printed payslip or show the PayCore from your phone to the cashier.

Step 3: The store representative will provide you with a receipt that you can take a picture of for your record.

*Please note, that there is a $3.99 fee per transaction, a maximum of $1,500 payment per transaction, and a $2,900 per day limit. These are subject to change.

Pay My Rent via the Tenant Portal (eCheck / Credit Card / Debit Card)

Step 1: Login to the Tenant Portal (no access? Send an email to


Step 2: Click Make Payment and input your banking information then click “Submit Payment”. Payments using your echeck will be free of charge and fees may apply for credit or debit card payments.


Step 3: Take a screenshot of the receipt for your record. (Optional)