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Are you having challenges meeting the management needs of your Chandler rental property?

Look into the professional service at get MULTIfamily Property Management. We have over a decade of experience with Chandler property management.

Our Chandler property managers are experienced and dedicated to making sure that you reach your target ROI while maintaining happy tenants. We treat your property as if it is our own!

When you need to maximize the potential of your rentals, there is no better property management company to rely on. Get in touch with get MULTIfamily Property Management in Chandler AZ today and receive a quote.

Our Chandler, AZ Property Management Services

get MULTIfamily Property Management offers property owners in Chandler, Arizona a number of services. Our property management company team has detailed a few of the property management services offered to our rental properties.

Rental Analysis

Do you know how much you should lease out your rental property for? Most landlords don’t consider the specifics of this when they start their tenure in property leasing. The amount rental property owners charge will determine if you will be able to cover your expenses and whether or not you make a sizable return.

The professional services at get MULTIfamily Property Management start by carrying out research in your neighborhood. Our experts about property management in Chandler AZ can identify the comparables of similar rental properties which will help us determine your monthly rental price.

Taking into consideration the type of tenants, we will make recommendations that you can implement to your lease. This could include higher prices and increased earnings.

Tenant Screening

The renter in your unit can greatly change the quality of the rental experience for both the landlord and tenant. What you should look for is a quality tenant. With a thorough screening process, you can avoid having to evict a tenant from your premises.

Tenant screening limits the chances of having a renter who breaks the lease agreement, trashes the rental property, or breaks the law.

Eviction can be a pricey endeavor and ruins landlord tenant relationships.

Getting in touch with the experts from get MULTIfamily Property Management can help ensure a thorough screening process.

As property managers, we have already identified the elements that determine a high-quality tenant and have a tenant screening process that can make sure you only engage with the right tenants.

As the leading property management service company in Chandler, AZ, we can assure you that our tenant screening solution is in compliance with the Fair Housing Laws.

Rent Collection

Regardless of what inspires you to invest in a rental property, the key to achieving your goals is through the full collection of your rent. Some landlords consider it a basic responsibility of the tenant. However, this is not the case as it comes with its own challenges.

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get MULTIfamily Property Management will send out reminders, process any rent payments, and proactively contact any defaulters on rent in order to get you your rent money. As your property manager, our team makes sure the process of rent collection is simple and easy for the owners and tenant.

Financial Reporting and Accounting

For you to be able to understand if you are actually getting a profit from your rental premises, you need to have detailed financial reporting of your income and expenses. If you hire the experts from get MULTIfamily Property Management there is no need to hire an accountant for your investment property.

As your property manager, we offer a tailed reporting and accounting of your finances as part of our comprehensive management solution.

Property Maintenance

Most landlords neither have the time or experience to manage the property as per tenant standards. That’s why hiring the experts from get MULTIfamily Property Management ensures that your property is in its best condition all year long.

Our team will carry out frequent maintenance inspections to ensure that maintenance issues are identified early on. We have reliable and dependable contractors who will carry out the necessary repairs. In addition, the contractors will offer you competitive rates thanks to our long-standing relationship.

With our team on board, a professional property manager will handle all maintenance requests of your investment property.

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We know that as a landlord you are concerned with how your property is being maintained. get MULTIfamily Property Management will ensure that you receive frequent condition reports of your property. You don’t need to come down and inspect it. With us as your property partner, you are assured of convenience and efficiency.

Living in Chandler AZ

Situated in Maricopa County, AZ, Chandler is one of the ideal places to have a rental property address in Arizona. It offers a suburban feel that many households and young couples look for. In addition, it is located in close proximity to Phoenix.

Chandler has beautiful weather. The people there enjoy close to 300+ days of sunshine. It is common to see snowbirds down here over the winter looking to enjoy the sun.

Chandler not only has modern cities and amenities, but it also has a diversity of cultures. This makes the city an ideal place to relocate to and become part of the community. In addition, Chandler has several community activities spread throughout the year.

Of notable mention is the Chandler Center for the Arts where several events are held throughout the year and the Arizona railway museum.

Downtown Chandler has undergone several renovations that are now complete and ready for people to enjoy. Enjoy a walk through the area thanks to the walkways and bike paths. Visit the historic districts for a truly memorable time.

Lovers of the outdoors and green spaces are especially lucky. Parks are quite common in Chandler. There are close to 50 with the local favorite, Tumbleweed Park, proving to be the highly recommended option.

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Areas We Serve

Our property management business proudly offers property management services in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Maricopa County, Tempe, Gilbert, and Glendale.