Resident Benefits Package

Bi-Monthly Air Filter(s) Delivery & Installation
We've streamlined the process of maintaining your HVAC system with regular delivery and installation air filters. We've taken the hassle out of your tenant's obligation to replace them, helping ensure that your HVAC system operates seamlessly and without disruptions. Our service not only facilitates convenient filter changes but also goes the extra mile by cleaning the grills and providing a detailed property check report. This comprehensive approach minimizes HVAC work orders, leading to a 38% reduction in maintenance requests and extending the overall lifespan of your HVAC system.

Bi-Monthly Property Check
Our property checks encompass a thorough evaluation for any indications of water and smoke damage, effectively minimizing the risk of expensive repairs while upholding the long-term value of your property. The program includes helping ensure tenant compliance with the pet policy and preventing unauthorized pets that may cause damage. Additionally, we provide a documented property report complete with photos of your front yard and driveway for your reference.

Semi-Annual Preventative Maintenance Program
To ensure your home is kept in the best condition, a semi-annual preventive maintenance walkthrough will be completed. This helps prevent unplanned maintenance that typically costs 3-9x more than planned maintenance. This also helps uncover any lease violations such as unauthorized guests and unauthorized pets before they damage your property.

Moving Assistance Service
We can help save time and money by setting up all of the tenant’s utilities with just one phone call, including phone, cable, and internet. We have partnered with Citizen’s Home Solutions to help get everything ready before the tenants arrive or move out.

Home Purchase Assistance
When a tenant decides to purchase a home, they will have access to our referral partners such as lender(s), property inspector(s), contractor(s), title company(s), and more. If they decide to have get MULTIfamily LLC to represent them in their purchase, we will lease out your property at no charge and we will apply a $500 credit towards their closing costs.

Late Fee Waiver
get MULTIfamily will grant tenants a one-time late fee waiver of up to $100 during the lease term if requested. This will provide tenants assistance to get back on track for the duration of their lease.

Lockbox Move-In and Move-Out
If tenants are unable to pick up or drop off your keys during business hours for their move-in or move-out, we can provide a lockbox that they can use, providing an easy way for tenants to take possession on move-in or give us possession of the property upon move-out.

get MULTIfamily Property Management requires the Resident Benefits Package for ALL New Lease Agreements and Renewals. The $45 monthly fee will be due every 1st of the month and will be automatically added to the Tenant's ledger. Tenant's rent payment must be in good standing and should have no pending notices to clear will receive all of the Resident Benefits. Failure to pay the Resident Benefits Package charges may result in lapsed coverage. The listed benefits are only available while the property is managed by get MULTifamily Property Management.