How to Advertise Your Tempe Apartment Rental Property Successfully

Once you have decided to invest in Tempe Real Estate you need to fill your apartment with tenants. To successfully have quality tenants in your Tempe apartment rental, you need to focus on strategic advertising. This should be a priority since vacant rental units net zero investment returns.

In fact, an empty unit ends up costing you money for maintenance costs that still need to be paid even without occupants in your property.

Though the features in your investment property make your apartment rental a standout from others, if no one knows about them or your marketing is sub-par, it can be an opportunity loss. This is why proper advertising must be well-planned and properly executed.

The Importance of Effective Rental Advertising

With a well-designed marketing campaign, you can expect more engagement and interest for your Tempe apartment rental from your target audience. Proper marketing ensures that your rental ads gain more viewers, allowing you to cherry-pick among potential occupants.

This is a definite advantage for landlords since you can screen for higher-quality residents that can contribute to a stable rental income.

Another benefit to gaining good renters is after they sign the lease agreement, they treat your rental home well, leading to fewer maintenance and repair expenses.


The best way to gain these types of renters is through planned advertising.

Tips on Advertising Your Rental Property

Here are some ways for landlords to score more engagement and interest from potential renters of their Tempe apartment rental:

Excellent Photographs

Luring in potential renters can be done by enhancing your photography. Presenting well-shot photos will help you gain plenty of interest since people tend to look at photos first.

Posting your property listing should be done with care by including outstanding property pictures of your Tempe apartment rental. Offer plenty of photo perspectives, but make them look natural since overly filtered and touched-up photos can set the prospective renters up for disappointment when they see the unit in real life.

If you can, hire a professional photographer to take property photos since they have more experience and techniques to capture the best parts of your unit. Opting for quality photos is a great advertising strategy. If you simply post mediocre images, they wouldn’t merit a second glance in your audience.

By presenting amazing rental photographs people are more likely to stay on your listing for longer.

Photography Staging

Clutter can be distracting for anyone viewing your pictures. Prior to taking photos of your Tempe apartment rental, be attentive to clutter and get rid of non-essential items. You want to bring in comfort and ease the potential tenants’ minds when seeing your images.


A rental space with no clutter provides an appealing presentation. This isn’t limited to objects alone, take a macro-view of the overall environment and rearrange furnishings to showcase a comfortable living atmosphere.

Photography Lighting

Always opt for natural light as much as you can. Learn the best time to take photos of your Tempe apartment rental. There’s a reason photographers dubbed certain times of the day as golden hours.

The best lighting brings out clear photos. But if you’re facing weather issues and time is crucial, you can arrange to have lighting kits and the right bulbs to enhance the photos.

Flawless Ad Copy

Once you have the best images to use when marketing your rental space, it’s time to focus on crafting an excellent copy. With well-chosen words, you can captivate the attention of prospective renters and motivate them to reach out.

Use accurate phrases and powerful descriptions. Avoid using clichés that get tiring to read after renters encounter them often. Your words should have an impact and move the readers to consider renting your unit. When prospective renters schedule a property tour, you know it’s a step in the right direction and your copy is effective.


Headlines are vital when advertising your Tempe apartment rental. It’s the first thing that viewers read so getting it right is essential. The headline should include the important things the tenant wants to know about the unit.


A good formula to for your rental ad headline is:
Rent price rate + Number of bedrooms + Number of bathrooms + Property Type + Location + Best Feature

Most renters focus on price, property size, property type and location of a rental unit so including this in the headline is key.

Detailed Descriptions

After completing the headline, you can concentrate on your rental property’s description. This is where your persuasion powers are highlighed as you paint an engaging and appealing Tempe apartment rental. You can provide the details of your property’s features and amenities, including the neighborhood.

The Best Platforms

After finishing your ad, you can now plan the proper distribution strategy. No matter how captivating your photos are and how engaging your marketing copy is, it can still fail to get high views from your target audience without proper execution of ad distribution.

Ask yourself, which platforms get maximum views and engagement from your target audience? Which listing sites capture a higher share of the viewing public? Research, take notes, and compare distribution channels from one another.

Don’t limit yourself to one platform or channel. You can also advertise outside online platforms and try marketing in newspapers or through signages and flyers.

Ad Tracking

Advertising is an ongoing process. Monitoring is part of marketing your Tempe apartment rental. Make adjustments according to the feedback of your target audience.


If a certain platform is not generating tons of interest then you can try other channels. To gather more prospective occupants, you must continuously market and analyze the responses.

You can also try other marketing techniques such as boosting your ads. If you choose to do this, advertising costs may require you to spend a bit of money, but if you treat it as an investment, you can end up attracting high quality tenants.

Bottom Line

To be successful in advertising your Tempe apartment rental, you need to focus on enhancing your photography, writing outstanding copy and using the right medium for ad distribution. If you need help advertising your property contact the experts at get MULTIfamily Property Management.